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July 2011



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Jul. 7th, 2011

Dark Angel


I really need to check in here more often...

And now for the casual, "This is what's changed recently" part:
I am now a Shift Supervisor at work, I am at University, I have a nephew... and not much else XD

Today I tried baking for the first time and made some Mocha cookies. For a beginner, not too bad, methinks. Feedback tells me that it was a little floury and, lets hope I learn from my mistakes. I didn't really taste the coffee in it much, but others say it's a bit strong. *shrugs* Maybe that's just me.

My first semester of University was definitely an eye opener. I'm not in the Applied Science/Science Education course, but in a Bachelor of Education for Primary School.
Definitely not my initial choice.
So I decided I'd stick it out and see if this was a blessing in disguise and if I don't want to do primary, I could always do a Graduate Diploma and qualify me for both :) But we'll have to see how things go.

That's all I can be bothered for now :P

Signing off

Jul. 13th, 2010


I'm back...once again

Wow, it has been a while. My last post being that I'd been at KFC for 2 years... Another year and a half later, I'm still there.
The pay isn't the best but it gets me what I need and want. I'm currently doing Cert 3 and finishing that soon (I hope) but while the store is closed for rebuilding, it's a bit hard. The store should have been back up last week but there's no power. And that kinda helps.
In the meantime I'm working at another store which was newly built. Ours will look exactly the same. Talk about originality >_>

School is DONE! And has been for a while now. Year 12 was intense, fun and stressing all at the same time. The celebrations were all fantastic what with the PJ day, 70's and 80's day, Muck Up day (now called "celebrations day") and the formal, held at Crown. Of course it all cost money, but it was worth it. I'll never forget those days to celebrate the hard, yet rewarding, 13 years of schooling.

Exams were tough, but I did my very best at all of them. My ENTER score left a lot to be desired but, as I said, I tried my very best. Despite my disappointing result, i made it into my first preference for Uni. I made it into Applied Sciences/Science Education at RMIT and I am thrilled.

I have differed for the year so I could rest from the full-on experience of Year 12, work a bit to save up, finish cert 3, get my Shift Supervisor and have time to just relax in between. Though, I am very excited for next year, so I may begin the rest of my life ^_^

Other than all that, I can't think of much more to say so...

Signing off


Dec. 25th, 2008



Wow, it had been forEVAH.

Two posts ago I was all excited about having my job and i just had my 2 year anniversary... thingy. Ha! I find that amusing.

Anyways. Thiss is gonna be another quick post because it's CHRISTMAS!!!
Personally, i've had a really good day and i have been bloody spoilt!

I gots a lot.
Digital Camera *squees* a perfume pack (totally yummy-smelling) a Simpson mug and plushie, Twilight soundtrack, a body pack... thing, Linkin Park - Road to Revolution, Fall Out Boy's album (i forgots what it's called ^_^") The cutest PJ's evah made, a teddy, $50 vouchers for JB-Hi Fi and the Plaza and a $30 voucher for Jay Jays.

Well not much else to say for the mo' so, have a very Merry Christmas! Have a great day, get spoilt and have fun.

signing off


May. 4th, 2007


... long time no see

Well... it has been a very long time. Longer than I had thought. I've been working at KFC for almost 5 months now and my pay sucks just for an FYI. It's only $6.30 p/h which i thought was really good considering i was new, then i tell people this and they inform me that this is very bad. But another month and i'm off that and on to... a whole $7 something cents. So, when i turn 16 it changes... to $8 something. (Excuse the sarcasm but...) greeeeaaat...

Off that subject, I really have no energy to catch up on the last 5 months or so, so i'll just be lazy.

We had some injections the other day which resulted in some pretty nasty bruises and a hell of a lot of pain... We had a tetnis/whooping cough/Diptheria one which everyone got. Then... oh my god! We had one for Cervical Cancer which we were in a way lucky but in a way not...

It is very new and we are getting it for free which is great, but it happens to hurt a lot and we have to have another 2 boosters. Unfortunately the cervical cancer one has to go in the right ar as the other one needs to go in the opposite arm... so we had History next period which, fortunatly, my teacher was away so we had a substitute. She was very sympathetic. But it's all good because my arm is still attached and I can still use it.

A few other people fainted, almost all of the girls cried and I was so nervous (God knows why...) that I felt sick. I do feel very sorry for the little year 7's because they had to have 3 just on one day... poor things.

Um... school. I'm doing Year 11 Biology and that's really interesting. There are lots of really interesting facts that a lot of people already know but i just find out. One example is that cows chew their food, swallow it, throw it back up again and chew again... lurvely...

We also did a dissection the other day which saw... in a word, sickening. It was a heart with lungs and liver attached. I tell ya if it wasn't for my mate, Cory, i would have never done it but it actually got to the stage where I held the heart and (tried to) the liver with a blunt scalpel. After i actually did it, as well as feeling sick, i felt as though i could do it again. I, as well as Cory, was so proud of myself.

Also in Biology we had an outcome/assessment task thingy which i got 70% on. I was really happy with. We also got our tests and they're not the best...

Well not much else is coming to the brain (what brain)

so... signing off


Nov. 28th, 2006



SWEET! I got my job!

i know it's a bit late but i havent had time/couldnt be bothered posting but i applied for a job at KFC in Thomastown and i got it!

I went to give in the resume and a week and a half later i got a call asking to come in for a test. So i did then i got another call to go in for a fob interview. So i did, which i felt like a dick!

Anywho... a few days later i got the call and i found out that i got it!

So i went in later to go give my bank details which was hell to get... Westpac wouldnt take an extract of my birth certificate so mum walked out saying that she would be closing an account and screaming "THIS IS F**KING RIDICULOUS!!!!!" which i agree to

anywho, i gave that in and i got my uniform (which makes me look so gay!) and went to a training session in Preston for 5 hours which went well coz i met another guy from Thommo (who is really good looking) and he's a really nice guy!

and tomorrow i have a shift from 4:30 to 7:30

Oct. 6th, 2006


New member of the family.

We have a new laurikeet... his name is Harry.

Rhi was fangirling and saying that we should call him Chris or Andy or Scott... then she said Harry and started singing "Uncle Harry"

So mum finally agreed and his name has stuck. He can say Hello and does this mobile tone thingy... and mum wanted to call him mobile for that


Nah. "this is mobile... our new bird." Dont think so...

Well, nothing else to say so...

signing off

sarah michell

Sep. 29th, 2006



It was my birthday 2 days ago and i havent posted yet... even though i've posted everywhere else!


From Dad i got...

-A pair of Jeans
-2 tops
-Robbie Williams - Swing when your winning
-A new Purse (with 50c as a part of the present)
-A journal book thingy
-and the Lion King sountracks (one and two)
-oh... a pack of stickers too

And from mum i got... GET READY FOR IT!!!


It's a LG KG245 and it's really cool...


... sorry if the pic doesnt work...

Sep. 22nd, 2006


A great week...

Well we have just come back from the farm and it was great.. Maryanne, my friend came and she had a great time. As did we all.

It was kinda a nightmare for my mum though... she thinks that she might've cracked her rib... we were trying to round up the sheep and put them in a trailer so the previous owner could take them off the property...

Y'know what the arsehole did... left them there in the trailer overnight with no food and no water!! Then he has the nerve to say "It wont hurt them for a small ammount of time."

And because he didnt come earlier then what he was supposed to... we had to round them at night AND my mum got stung by a bee... (which we though she was allergic to but she's not... i'll explain later) trying to get water for them.

You see, she was stung by a bee when she was younger and had an allergic reaction... so up at the farm she comes in the house clutching her arm saying she's ben stung... but when she was younger, it must've been a wasp that stung her... THANK GOD!

Anyways... the rib thing, rounding up the sheep. They can jump fences which was fun ^_^... NOT! so, mum went to try and stop one jumping over not thinking about the fence that she was standing next to, and went full pelt strait into it... Metal... ouch >.<.

Well not much else to say because it was a pretty ordinary week...

signing off...


Aug. 9th, 2006


(no subject)

Well it has been a while...

Dianes's was cool!!! Bloody cold tho and me and mum had to sleep in the caravan and it was windy as! Not to mention Cobber's sooking ALL night! He just wouldn;t shut up and mum belted him at one stage... i dont blame her! It was unbearible! We saved a penguin! It was so cool.

Well, back to recent events... I got my exams back and i got a C in my English... almost a D. I asked my teacher how i can improve and she said "Just answer the questions properly!"


*sarcastic voice* Yeah, Coz that's gonna get me an A in my next exam! well i did get an A in my Maths exam too! 99% i put a -3 instead of -2! DAMN! Oh well... still a good mark i'm happy.

Well not much else to say because i cont remember any of it! so hopefully I will remember to update more often.

Signing off


Mar. 30th, 2006



Well... I found out a few days ago that mum and Wayne are going back to Dianne's house to give her the plants back. So I am swapping weekends with dad so I can go with them. YAY! This weekend is gonna be so cool.

She has a view of the beach from her house and Kerry, her daughter, Has an even better view and a Cinema room... COOL!!!

At school yesterday, i had to do an oral on an explorer, it was supposed to be 2 mins and the teacher told me that it was about 4:30 mins. but apparently it didnt matter... phew. And in english... 2 assignments at one time... Gulp. it's too confusing to figure out which thing is due when. But i'll get it.

I found out my placements for advance (the community service thing) I'm in kids center #2 and ... Dalton lodge. That's gonna be fun... I'm not too comfortable around the elderly. I think it's because i'm like never around them sorta thing... i dunno, but I'll live.

Anyways... nothing to talk about that I can remember...

Signing off


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